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Brought our VW Beetle there several times over a period of 2 months, inclusive of $2,000 worth of parts and service. Our last visit there resulted in being charged for a service that we did NOT authorize Derek to do. Instead of refunding the labour after admitting it was his mistake that he proceeded with a job we didn't agree too, he advised he would give us a free oil filter next time. So let me get this straight Derek, $100 for labour that you were not authorized to do, but you'll give us a $10 oil filter??? GIVE ME A BREAK. Mechanics who do work that is not authorized should be fined. AVOID THIS MECHANIC, you'll end up with overage charges you didn't approve on your credit cards!
12/4/2017 3:05:57 PM Report
Laura, your husband Chad was sent a quote, via text, with every thing listed in detail with the cost to fix the job you mentioned. Pictures were provided and Chad, being a mechanic himself, understood what these pictures were indicating! Chad responded "go ahead and get those fixed" The job was completed and the invoice coincided with the quote, no surprises!! We do have a copy of these text for reference should you need those to clarify any confusion. Caledon Motors
2/21/2018 2:53:27 PM - Report