Separation/Divorce Resource Centre

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110 Bearbrook Road Suite-206
Phone number:
(613) 327-6423

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Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends-Group/Seminars - 12 Weeks,Couples Coaching,Separation Agreements Mediation,other resources.


Highly unprofessional, rude, berating and unqualified. Diane's "no nonsensense approach" is nothing but an excuse to be a bully. During a mediation session with Diane and a young apprenticeship student, I witnessed this woman completely berate and chastise the poor girl in front of us clients. I was embarrassed for her. I hope that she moved on from this place and was able to get a real professional with some tact to learn from.
4/8/2017 12:53:12 AM Report

Diane Valiquette, Founder of the Separation and Divorce Resource Centre in Ottawa is not professional in providing counselling. Make sure you book a qualified therapist with credentials if you want to save your marriage, or to recover from a relationship breakup. If you're interested in Diane's "Rebuilding When your Relationship Ends", course, the publisher of the book does not recommend Diane Valiquette to give the course as they have received too many complaints. against Diane and her centre. Look up and you will see all the places across North America that the course is offered, and the content and presenters are recommended. If I could leave zero stars I would do that, but I had to leave 1
5/19/2015 12:40:12 AM Report

Diane Valiquette counselled me...I did not like her unprofessional manner and stopped going.
3/22/2015 9:02:31 PM Report

I was going to go to The Separation and Divorce Resource Centre in Ottawa for mediation. I read the below statement on their website..... ------------------------------------------------------------- "Ethical & Accountable Practice Our major area of practice is Mediation. Currently, there is no national regulatory body in Canada. Yet, adhering to a code of ethics via mediation's accreditation bodies is essential. Our practitioners all follow a CODE OF ETHICS: as designated via their professional membership bodies. We are dedicated to a process of accountability within our own work. Our continuous learning with in our own fields enhances innovative solutions for clients." ------------------------------------------------------------- This is funny....I phoned the Ontario College of Mediators and was told Diane Valiquette has not paid her dues and is not a member in good standing. I'm not even sure if this women has the proper insurance for mediation. Not sure why she has this write up in posted on her website. There are no accredited mediators working at the Separation and Divorce Resource Centre. Diane Valiquette says mediation's accreditation bodies is essential...but yet she herself is not Accredited!!!!!!!!!!! Please go to these website to find an Accredited mediator.... Make sure your mediator is Accredited and has E & O Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions) of at least $1,000,000. NOTE: ANYONE in Ontario can call themselves a mediator, Diane Valiquette states this on her website ...yet...she is not ACCREDITED!
3/9/2015 12:12:06 PM Report