Boyd Parkette (Smith Town Hill Parkette)

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Stewart/Parkhill(Smith St.)Road
Peterborough K9H 3E6
Phone number:
(705) 748-9923
(705) 742-7777

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Company description

A historic landmark where the 1st group of settlers stayed nearby on the First Nations Trail (Samuel de Champlain Portage Route) for the winter in 1818 before starting out to make their claims in Smith Township to stay a lifetime or after doing so for some years moved into Peterborough. At that time Scott's Plain was the name that Peterborough had but later on the local Government decided to change the credit of the city being founded from Adam Scott to Peter(borough) Robinson as he brought many people to this district to settle including the 1818 group that went to Smith Township now known as Selwyn Township. The parkette is named after the Boyd family who lived only a block away. Some of these people may have even ended up working for the Boyd family in Bobcaygeon? There used to be a house on this small section of land that a lady who lived in and owned 280/282 Edinburgh Street(Grantview) when she was a child just after arriving from Scotland the same trip as Sandford Fleming but much younger and many years after Fleming. She eventually became the secretary to the President of Briton Carpet which was a Scottish Company. This is very much part of Smith Town Hill and should be included in Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act if it is ever implemented for this neighbourhood.


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