Boston Pizza Capilano

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5515 101 Avenue
AB T6A 3Z7
Phone number:
(780) 465-0771


11:00-1:00 am
11:00-1:00 am
11:00-1:00 am
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11:00-2:00 am
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Company description

Welcome to Boston Pizza Capilano, Edmonton, AB. Boston Pizza is Canada's number one casual dining restaurant brand, serving more than 38 million guests at over 340 locations from coast-to-coast.


I work 4:30am-11:30 am and enjoy having a tasty lunch prepared for me and a beer after work...I have been frequenting this specific Boston Pizza for many months now and kept returning because they make an amazing pizza and the staff are nice...or so I thought. After today I will NEVER step foot in their establishment again, will recomend to my friends and family not to go there, and am also recomending you don't as well. Today, as always, I had a very nice waitress greet me...they had a new lunch special menu and so I asked a lot of questions. I specifically said "what sandwiches can I get for the $7.49 special" she said "all of these" and pointed to the sandwiches. so I continuted to question and specifically asked if I could get the chicken quesedia (sorry about the spelling!) for the $7.49 and she said yes. she had to go to the kitchen as she didn't know what the soup was and upon returning couldn't tell me what a gumbo was so I went the easy way. I said "I will get the $7.49 chicken quesedia and fries"... no problems, as usual the food was tasty. when I got my bill the meal was $12.49 for the quasadia (plus my beer :)) and I asked the waitress, she said "oh sorry, I'll go change it" (therefore, she also thought at that time it was the special price...that she told me it was) 5 or so min later she came back and told me the $12 was the appropriate price and tried showing me the menu to "prove it"...and I said no...I specifically asked if I could get it for the lunch special $7.49 and you said yes, or else I would have gone with my trusy goat cheese pizza (my absolute favorite). she said she would check, over 10 min later the manager came to see me... he was very rude and abrupt and started with "this isn't the first time you've been here and given us trouble about prices...but since the costumer is always right.." yada yada...I pressed him about what he was refering to, and he said there was a pizza pricing issue. I, still calm (even though I was furious), said there had never been a pizza pricing issue, I order the same pizza, same size, every time, there is no way to mess up the price, the one and only time there was a price issue was only a couple of weeks ago, I came in and looked at the special board. it said schooneres $6 something (cant remember exactly) so I ordered one...when the waitress brought it I said "oh that's big!!" she said "oh, didn't you order it?", I said yes, I have just never had one before, just ordered it because it is on special, but it sure is big! she said it was not on special, that was yesterday, I pointed out the sign (which there was no day or date written on it) and she said "I thought it was funny that you ordered this one!, no problem, I will change it on your bill" now...she knew it was funny that I ordered it because I am in there almost every single day after work and always order a pizza and boston sized beer....she could have taken it back and given me the boston sized instead, the sign being left up was totally their fault for leaving the sign up, but she was very polite and professional and left the schooner at the price the sign stated. but today! the waitress wanted to cover her own ass so the extra $6 she was trying to get me to pay wouldn't get her in trouble...and the manager not only bought her story of me being a "problem" customer but also came over and reamed ME out about it...AND told me that "if I ever caused a price issue again... " well...he never finished his sentance...and I promptly replied that it wouldn't be a problem, that I would never be back. he tried to say, well it's a new menu, she didn't know...well, neither did I, and that is why I specifically asked. It was my very first time seeing the menu...whereas she should be trained on the menu, and, if you quote a price, you can't wait till the food is delivered and eaten to increase that price by $, I have never had a problem here before....even the beer thing was worked out so politely by my waitress that I never even thought of it as a "pricing problem"...but after how I was treated today because of a waitresses mistake...I will NEVER go back there...If you don't want random extra charges showing up on your bill and being expected to pay them, you should not either. but if you don't care about being charged $2-6 extra per meal...the food is good...and the waitresses are almost always nice. I don't know about you...but to me $6 is a loaf of bread and a carton of milk...or...part of my next meal out...I don't need to find out AFTER I have ordered, and eaten, that the waitress was wrong and I need to cover her error...nor do I need the manager to be on my ass about is your staff, train them better! And no, the customer is not always right...but then again...perhaps you should consider that possibly...just possibly...the waitress is trying to cover her own ass....and approach the customer in a more friendly manner
9/18/2013 10:23:43 PM Report