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Victor Pidkowich
After spending well over a year working with Regina's "Top" Rental management companies i came to the conclusion that Regina had absolutely no competent property managers at all. My income properties were hemorrhaging cash, when they were doing great in my hands. Moving to Calgary meant I had to settle on losing money every month with incompetant management companies, or start calling everyone for referals. Thank god I found Oz. I was a little hesitant about their image and marketing materials at first, but they absolutely know how to keep the cash coming in. What's more, other managers were dead set on making things as complex as possible and making it confusing with where the cash was flowing, when asked they were arrogant. Not Oz, they are property owners themselves and they make sure you are well educated and comfortable with knowing how and where money flowed to. When I first seen their rental statements I felt about 15 months of frustration melt away around my shoulders. Oz is the only Property management Company I entrust my assets to. They treat their employees right, are a family run business with a great energy, and above all, they treat my customers as their customers. Without our tenants we couldn't make this a successful business. Oz is the only copany that not only beleives in a win-win-win appraoch, but acts on it.
8/12/2017 5:04:31 PM Report