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Trevor Cesarone
My quest for pans to bake buns. And pans to make bagels, both gluten free and vegan sent me on a journey, I had talked to one of the guys there , nothing they had would work for me. He did search online, finding me with a product at Walmart that might work I did pick up a couple doughnut moulds, at Walmart. They work but quality is not that great. I was in Kelowna on business (from Salmon Arm) and stopped at Canadian Restaurant Supply I had made some purchases there in the past. Good store. I was helped by Vonnie, she looked with me on the shelf and offered to go search online. I told Vonnie her store had done a search with not much success. She said why don’t you try Chefs Edge “ it’s right across the highway” Bingo there I was right where I needed to be. I grabbed a bun pan, it works so well USA PAN is the brand. Once I had the I searched online and found the same pan on the Walmart online site for twice as much money. Thank you and buy local Thank you bricks and mortar . Thank you Kelowna . Thank you Canadian Restaurant Supply. And thank you Vonnie. I had a bit of day that day . When I stopped to pick up supplies in Armstrong, I left me phone on the hood of my car, drove away. I realized down the highway it was missing I pulled over checked the car,and thought on no. Turned around went back there was my phone laying on the highway . Lucky day I must say. Thanks again Vonnie
11/18/2021 6:05:44 AM Report