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Torin Sanderson
I replaced air filters and sparking plugs at Aram's Auto Repairs & Service Centre, and I have to say their mechanics are true professionals who work swiftly and efficiently without charging a fortune. The most important for me is that it didn't take ages for them to do their job, unlike in other car repair shops I've been to so far. That's why I've decided to spend this spare minute writing a review. I'm definitely going back there if I need to do a car check-up again. They don't offer unnecessary services to get more money out of you, don't trick you with the hidden fees, and probably that's why they have no shortage of customers. One of the most significant advantages is their individual approach to every customer's issue - they offer solutions that fit every budget. Mechanics explained the whole repair process to me and answered all my questions.
2/10/2022 9:05:27 PM Report