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At the store I was told by the cashier that I could return a costume if for any reason I needed to. I got home and noticed an " all sales final” on the receipt. I contacted the store owner and was told that " I was not told that" and repeatedly treated like a liar, along with being told repeatedly that they could not help me. Along with this the owner was rude, not even using full words in their messages to me ( yah. np. plz. etc.) and not always making understandable sentences, either seeming to be detracted or something of the like. I was given " head offices" number and spoken over, told that if I file the complaint the employee would be fired, but at the same time, they still would not honor that I was told I could return my costume ( never even taken out of the soul of Halloween bag). He also spent most of the conversation about my complaint claiming they were the best and busiest Halloween store with the best variety ( again not true from my experience as I barely even walked out with the over priced jacket, and I have found better, full costumes elsewhere). So to sum it up - rude, uncaring, and very over confident. Completely unwilling to honor what their employees say and do.
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