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I called to obtain a generator part. I told the parts person (Josh) that i was not a dealer but the repair facility i was using could not get the part. He agreed to sell it to me at $395, and call with price for expedited shipping. When i received a call from (Ed) the part was now $600. When i said i was quoted the $395 he told me NO, i'm not a dealer. I asked to speak to the mgr (Wayne) and he said basically too bad so sad, its $600 take it or leave it. He said his employee was confused and thought i was a dealer. I had told Josh - i'm not a dealer - i live on a boat.......wayne said to take it or leave it.......i left it, bought a new generator and will not deal with them, or Kipor (they rep this company). I will be sending an email to the Kipor Canada Office. This is just bad business.
7/11/2012 12:42:01 PM Report