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Steve Tessier
Beamsville Transmission & Auto Service forgot to top the oil and ruined My 1988 AMC Jeep Comanche AX5 5 speed transmission that they rebuilt. I provided the two LUK clutches and a premium rebuild kit in October.They took the job and more than 3 weeks to do the work. That was 3 1/2 Months ago. On January 25th the truck broke down in Port Hope while trying to return to Montreal. It left Me stranded. I returned the Jeep to them on the 29th where the Owner found only 1 liter of oil in the transmission. He insisted He filled it but there was no leak? He wanted to charge Me. The transmission was found irreparable and He wanted Me to supply another scrap one. When I refused to pay He kicked Me out of His garage and put my Truck on the lot. I'm out of the money and my transmission.
2/3/2018 12:15:12 AM Report