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Smith Henry
Ottawa Denture and Implant Denture Clinic
200 Tremblay Rd, Ottawa K1G 3H5, ON, Canada
Good Quality Dental Service. I had a heavy pain on my denture then one my friend suggested me this clinic Vista Dental & Denture Clinic then contacted the doctor and gave me appointment And the doctor checked and removed infected, injured or dead pulp from my tooth filled with soft dental pulp made up of nerves and blood vessels that help my tooth grow and develop. Thank You Doctor.
6/5/2018 10:45:02 AM Report

As I am 55 years old some of my teeth lost so I was feeling very hesitation to attend parties, weddings. But I went to Ottawa Denture and Implant Denture Clinic Ottawa Clinic there Igot excellent service, sincerely friendly and efficient staff, and really affordable charges. And explained the situation during the whole process. He will definitely be our regular dentist moving forward. Thank You.
2/19/2018 4:56:01 AM Report

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