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Wanted to purchase a kitten they had advertised. A Balinese/Ragdoll mix. Was told that I had to purchase outright online, but I could choose which one. On the day of the pickup they lied and said Ragdolls were also Hypoallergenic, and then gave me the wrong cat (gave me the darker of the two in the pic). When I said it was the wrong one, they lied and said it had just darkened. I could see it was the other cat, and FaceTimed my wife who confirmed it. The Owner got upset and called the police on me to kick me out of the store without a refund. Claimed that I was being rude, or that my wife (on the phone) was being rude. I was calm and polite throughout the whole ordeal. Police arrived and I finally got my refund. But don’t trust these people. They lie and have no respect for the customer.
7/30/2022 4:39:21 PM Report