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The worst place on the planet to work. A lot of eye rolling from staff when an employee asks a question. The little kids were afraid to ask to go pee because they would get yelled at so they peed in their pants. One child was potty trained but made to wear a diaper when he had an accident. Employees were not allowed to go out with eachother or be friends even. It was a rule they said it was a breech of confidence for two employees to be friends. The staff yelled a lot at the kids and the center was run like a concentration camp. Staff did all the cleaning and half the job consisted of that. Very poor training I quit I hated it. ive seen at least 3 been fired for no reason at all except they disagreed with staff and that's a huge huge no no. You dare not disagree with the Nazi's that own it no way. The kids are made to sit in a room for 2 hiurs and stare at the wall and once there in there they are not allowed to ask to go pee. during quiet time the kids that are too old too old to nap there parents don't want them too, well instaed of playing they have to sit with books for two hours straight. These kids are 3 there too young they might have to go pee.....they have energy to burn you parents are paying over a thousand a month for the staff to lock them in a room for 2 hours and they cant go pee once their in the quiet room. How Ludacris is that,
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