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Ryan Christopher
This is by FAR the WORST online fight gear company I have ever dealt with!! I buy a lot of gear online; this company has terrible customer service and takes 3 weeks or longer to ship your items to you. Half my order was completely wrong (2 different size boxing gloves and shorts were totally different than what I ordered). It was like pulling teeth to get them to send me s&h to get them the items back to them. Then they said they would send me out the right items as soon as they received the wrong items back (which they did receive the items back as I have the tracking #) but they never sent me anything back. Now I'm out $135 and they wont respond to any of my emails. If you were thinking of buying from The Fight Company DON'T you will be saving yourself a lot of time and headache and in my case a good chunk of money.
11/19/2014 8:08:30 PM Report