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Please confirm your account to post your review 12/26/2019 If I could give them a minus rating I would. BEWARE!!! Pillar has been taken over by crooks. I had my property managed for years by Marilyn. She did a great job..but now that Kevin has taken over it has been a complete disaster to the point I had to sell my property!! They put in a tenant from hell. I asked the people at Pillar if they did a social media check and got no answer. I checked and there were so many red flags I would never have considered these tenants!!. Pillar has pillaged 95% of the rents and deposits they collected leaving me to scramble to pay MY BILLS. I didn't receive any money from Pillar for nine months and when I did it was only a small fraction of what they collected. I have called and emailed them numerous times. They do not respond. Tenants have called to have things looked at. Pillar does not respond. I have gone to the office several times to talk to people there and it is readily apparent that there is infighting between their staff. They breached their contract many times. As a "bonus" they deducted an additional months management fees when my contract with them ended. Neither Kevin the owner or Francine will return my calls or emails ever since. They have barred me from the portal so now I can't access my records for tax purposes! That must be highly illegal! DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND CROOKS!!
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