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Robert Haskett
Do not trust the online prices posted on the Supply Expert website! On Saturday I ordered and paid for a spool of wire online which according to the Supply Expert website was "Available now!" I was contacted by e-mail and telephone 2 days later, Monday, informing me that my order would be available for pickup on Wednesday and pickup instructions would be sent shortly. Then on Thursday I received an email from Supply Expert with an update re. my order stating, "We do not have it on stock, but we are able to order it. The price has now gone up. Please check the new price and let us know if you still want it, so we can go ahead and order it." I had to check on their website to learn that the price increase was $30, which made the wire more expensive than at my local DIY store. As a result I cancelled my order. When an item is stated as available, i.e. in-stock, at a posted price, and then paid for, a retailer should honour that price. Failure to do so is irresponsible and unacceptable. This situation has never happened to me previously for any other online purchase I have made from a multitude of other retailers. As I commented in my email response to Supply Expert, “it is very disappointing to learn that your online price was incorrect . . . It is also surprising, and not in a good way, that it took several days for you to inform me of this retroactive price change. . . As a semi-retired contractor, I consider this to be unethical business practice.”
2/25/2021 6:17:19 PM Report