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Quentin A Styger
This company had some staff at Mona Lisa's Pub this morning (02 May 2019 @ ~11:15 hrs). In Edmonton, Alberta. They were using tools that had a decibel range in excess of the safe noise limits without the use of protection. When asked if they would be able to put together the furniture outside or in a quiet location the bearded, dark skinned employee became belligerent to the Mona Lisa'a Pub patron and no less than 3 patrons left the location as a result of the noise. If the employee's attitude is any indication of this company's concern for the health and safety of business patrons, then the clear message is a bug fuck you to anyone who has anything to say. Just thought you might want to know that the people who represent this business when delivering and building furniture on site don't give a shit about the money you lose because of their actions.
5/2/2019 5:39:46 PM Report