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Mitch Winship
Where do I begin? After completing an online credit application, I received a phone call from Robert (one of the sales associates) who told me that I was approved for a loan. I pre-selected a vehicle and submitted all necessary paperwork from Victoria, prior to making the drive up island, in order to save time. Robert and I set up a day and time to meet in Duncan to complete the remaining paper work. I took the morning off work and arranged to meet him at 9:00 am. I told him that I had to make it as quick as possible in order to get back down to Victoria and into work. At 9:00 am, there was no sign of Robert. After waiting 15 minutes he was called by a co-worker to remind him of our meeting. The co-worker than told me, "he must have forgot to check his day planner, but he only lives 10 minutes away." After waiting *an hour* he finally strolled in, and asked me for the paper work that I had already submitted. I reminded him of this fact and he laughed and said, "oh yeah." He then disappeared into an office to locate me file. Once he emerged, he informed me that the vehicle I had reserved was in fact sold two days prior to my arrival, but that we could look at some others (that were twice the price.) I informed him (for the third time) that time was a factor for me and that I felt obligated to take my business elsewhere. I wasted two hours driving there and back, over an hour sitting at the dealership waiting for him, plus gas getting there and back, plus taking time off work, and being late to get back into work and barely even received an apology or reasonable explanation for the fiasco. So thank you to everyone up at Galaxy Duncan. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME GOING THERE! Unfortunately I have to put at least one star for the review, but they do not even deserve that. Good luck running a successful business.
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