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Leah Morneau
I don’t like to leave bad reviews, but I don’t want another customer to experience the same situation as me. I called the owner of Latta Mechanical for a routine right side shower faucet that was leaking water. The left side was fine. He arrived with a co-worker at 9am, looked at the shower and said they needed a gasket. They left for 45 minutes, to a store that is 5 minutes away EMCO. They installed a new gasket on the right side. As they were reinstalling the left shower faucet, I pointed out it was leaking. So, they attempted to re-adjust just the handle. After they left at 11am, the left faucet continued leaking that previously had no issue. They claimed it was a bad rough in, but I mentioned that it was not leaking prior to him arriving. He caused the left side to leak by not re-installing the faucet on evenly. He told me he doesn’t guarantee his work. That it’s a new problem and I would have to pay to fix it. I reminded him that he installed the shower incorrectly, so now the tap leaks. It was fine before you arrived. He said if I come and fix the left leaking side now, then the right side might leak again. It was absurd. If he can't stop a leak, I should not be charged at all. Latta Charged me for travel time at 830 am to my home 9am? $130 hr. and time to buy the gasket. For 45 minutes that takes 10 minutes to get. A Total of $382 for a $10 gasket. He won't stand behind his own work, I still have a shower that leaks and now less money. I would happily pay for professional service. Don’t bother calling or asking him to guarantee his work. He will just argue and not check his own work. I have never had such unprofessional work in my life. Do yourself and wallet a favor and find an honest company that isn’t out for just money.
1/30/2024 12:04:07 AM Report