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This was the most Amazing BEST reading I have ever had with Illiannaval. Full of personal information, some of it I only knew. She picked up on so much it was a lot to take in but definitely gave me so much clarity and peace. I felt so good afterward, a lot better than I had been feeling for the past few weeks. She accurately predicted my past and present ... but in the past few days the future predictions have been coming to pass, it's amazing how everything she said is starting to happen so quickly. I believe it's because of the positivity and clarity she gave me. I now have a plan and motivation as well as confidence in myself to make it all work. I feel so clear. The place is so comfortable, zen, relaxing, and spiritual. I felt light while I was there. Overall It's a very Zen feeling. (Highly Recommended)
1/5/2022 12:15:09 PM Report