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Jason Chong
I wanted to enable users to order healthy and home-like food through a mobile app like Foodpanda. Lucky to have found an experienced team of Let's Nurture, who designed and developed my Food delivery marketplace app on both, Android & iOS platforms with latest features. I am 100% satisfied with the online food-delivery mobile application developed by their smart mobile team. Graphic designers also delivered intuitive, user friendly UI/ UX design and functionality with an easy-to-navigate interface. Team Let's Nurture regularly reached out to ensure everything was okay from my side. They also genuinely cared about my feedback for this project. Let's Nurture delivered on-time and ensured timely follow-ups. Great quality of work. Let's Nurture promised what they could deliver and delivered what they promised. Anyone looking for affordable mobile application development in order to turn an idea into a functioning app should approach Let's Nurture.
4/10/2019 6:38:20 AM Report