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Helene Peach
B-Well Physiotherapy does absolutely amazing work. Izabella Dzikowski has been successfully helping me to manage severe migraine headache for many years now. I was unable to work and essentially was bed ridden. I now life a normal life and am fully active and work full time. I started to see results in only a few visits and now only see her for maintenance. I don't want to think what my life would be like without her expertise. I had seen other physiotherapists however they spoke with me for a few minutes and then had me do my own exercises for the length of the treatment session. Izabella actively treats throughout the full session and then expects me to followup at home with her prescribed exercises. I find this a very effective strategy. I would recommend Izabella to anyone with severe chronic pain or injury.
7/3/2020 2:26:04 AM Report