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I bought my New Lexus SUV two years ago... and I bought it from Regency Lexus 100 % because of your Service Department. Frank Stokovac and his amazing team made the difference for me...from one dealership to another. I did commercials for a Vancouver Dealership for years, treatment of customers, especially single women, is most important. I had brought my older Lexus in to Regency for service a few years ago, your manager at the time was not nearly as efficient, in fact he had caused a big problem. When I decided to try Regency one more time I met Frank & his crew, AND… I was most impressed. The service and friendliness your employees provide makes the difference of being a lifetime customer or a one-time customer. This Team of gentlemen open the door and welcome you as you enter. They make sure you fell special while feeling "oh so comfortable". Everyone at your Evan Avenue center is outstanding. Sometimes, I just stop by for a visit. I have noted that every one of your clients is treated with the same respect, comfort, and extraordinary service... I Applaud your Service Center Team, each and every one of them. Sincerely, GK HONEY
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