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Gid Winchester
I have purchased accessories for my vehicles from Red Deer Truck outfitters for the last 20 years, and have received quality service. My latest purchase, April 2017, a canopy, was anything but efficient, timely, informative of the process, communicative of delays, proper care and handling of canopy in warehouse / yard. During to 2 1/2 months it took to finally received canopy I received 2 text messages from Truck Outfitters personal. I n order to get information and keep the personal acting on this long over due delivery, it required to me make 5 visits to the store. While visiting store, they never really knew what was going on with my product, but did pretend to care by always making a phone call. This displayed a tremendous lack of follow up or tracking of a long over due delivery date. After 2 months the canopy finally arrived in Red Deer as I was informed it would be in the second text message. I decided to stop by the store to check if it had. Found my canopy sitting in the dirt / gravel directly in front of an open spot on the racks. It had sat there for over 5 hours and the Manager had not bothered to call me, inspect the product or handle the canopy in an adequate manner. Long story short. Truck outfitters has lost a lifetime customer due to the lack of customer care and the effort made to deliver a inspected / damage free product.
6/24/2017 10:58:39 AM Report