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Foodie Girl
Came here with a girlfriend of mine, first thing we noticed was the greasy carpet. After waiting to be served for 15 minutes we had to call over the bartender who also was the server. She was very rude and began telling us the specials as she walked away with her back turned. We ordered a salad and pizza to split, salad was limp and warm and pizza was under cooked. We told the bartender/server "Natasha" to which she replied what do you expect for the price you are paying. The bar is full of dirty old men and loser regulars. We went to pay the tab with debit at the bar and to my amazement, "Natasha" did a drug deal right in front of us selling pills to one of the customers!!! Pill and money exchange right there! I was shocked. When we left a group of guys were smoking drugs at the front entry and an obviously over served intoxicated person was getting into their vehicle to drive away! This is a family restaurant? Never will I return let along bring a child to this environment. The police need to keep an eye on this establishment.
1/21/2019 7:49:26 PM Report