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Donald Mueller
Excellent Dance Classes..!! Warren Eaton is truly an outstanding dance professional instructor. He is friendly, likable, very approachable, and offers excellent well organized developmental lessons in both latin and ballroom dances at all levels of dance. Warren has superb knowledge and exceptionally high skill in all dances and nicely accommodates dancers at every level of dance. I've taken numerous group and private lessons from Warren and they all have been excellent with wonderful learning, and I feel I have become a much more adequate dancer, all because of his excellent teaching. I highly recommend his classes to anyone interested in getting started or wanting to review and learn new dance steps and further improve their skill in group dances offered or any dance(s) taken privately. Kelowna is very fortunate to have Warren currently teaching at Latinesque. You will be very happy that you enrolled in his well organized, nicely paced and stimulating classes. My partner and I valued them very much! Don Mueller
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