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Diane Hall
Mr. Fix it kept a dying old man in his 80's waiting for over nine months and still has not done the work he was paid over 8,000 dollars to do. The work he did do now has to be redone as it was very poorly done. He left his tools, scaffold and a big old trailer and construction debris in the yard for all this time and did not remove it until the family finally stepped in and demanded that he remove himself and his belongings. He took advantage of this old man's vulnerable state. He was given money for materials that he never purchased. The stress caused by all this has really impacted the old man's well being and ability to deal with and recover from his cancer treatments. Shame on Mr. Fix it for taking advantage of an old man who really could not afford to loose the little money that he had put aside for this work.
8/14/2023 11:26:31 PM Report