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Denis Perron
Stay away, no matter how much cheaper Move Taxi is than the competition. Even though I was promised the moon by Todd, this was a nightmare move and I couldn’t recommend not going with Move Taxi enough. Here are just some of the issues we were faced with: - The two movers (who showed up 1h15mins late) had NO tools with them, meaning no dolly, straps, tape or even gloves. Just two guys and their arms. This not only led to the move being slower than it should have been, it also exhausted the guys and led to damage to several of our items. - They weren’t able to pack a 3-bdrm apartment in a 26’ truck (nothing was stacked), leading to us having to go back for two more trips with our car after the 13 hours(!) it took for them to move our stuff. - We had to feed the movers because they were exhausted and hungry and didn't have enough gas in the truck to go somewhere to get food. - Their so-called "wardrobe boxes" are just large boxes they throw your clothes in, hangers and all. I’ve reached out to Todd several times since the move but he ignores my calls and emails and doesn’t return any messages. *Stay away*
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