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Debbie Tappmeyer
I am an employee at Cypress View Vet Clinic and have been since November 2015; however, I was a client for a number of years before becoming a part of their amazing Team. As a client, I always was made to feel like my furboys were given the bestest care - everything from after hour calls to let me know how they were doing if they had to stay at the clinic and the personal follow up calls after a visit from Dr. Michelle Rowe to see how they were doing since going home. As an employee, I am "proud" and "amazed" every single day that I arrive at work to be a part of a Team that works so well together, gives the bestest professional care to every pet that comes through the doors and shows the caring and compassion that they do every single day - no matter how busy the schedule is. I have been to other clinics in the City and hands down, I think Cypress View Vet Clinic Team offers the bestest pet care available in our city.
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