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FOLLOW UP REVIEW! DO NOT BUY HERE OR YOU WILL REGRET IT (As I did and do twice) Gave Sinclair a second chance and bought a Gio Tron scooter advertised in multiple places at 3k. I confirmed from the ad that it was Sinclair. Gio website had the same price but I figured give the local guys a second chance cos after all they cant screw up a simple sale...I checked they had it in stock, and my wife called to ask if they were charged (She was told yes even though it turned out to be only 60% charged) While the man at the front was talking to me the woman (Tammy) charged my wife 3495 (500 dollars more than the quoted price plus of course the higher taxes which I assume got pocketed). When I pointed this out to my wife, she emailed in a very polite manner asking how this can be remedied. Tammy replied to say that the reason for the price difference was because the advertisement referenced a 'create your own' model that was $3k (even though the advertisement doesn't actually say that) and because we bought one that was already built, that's why it was more. Which is complete bullshit, as we had already confirmed the price and chose to go with them over Gio themselves at the same price to support a local business, and give them another chance. The advertisement is attached, and you can see the description which doesn't say anything about create your own. Ironically you can also read the words 'pre-built' as meaning the display model. Multiple times my wife followed up requesting that Tammy do anything to try to make things right, and is now being ignored, so we are in a position where informing potential buyers and small claims court are the only options. If she had been reasonable, honest, and shown good customer service, this would be a completely different review repudiating my previous one and praising their store, instead of confirming that yes, going there was a big mistake. We have photos and receipts to verify everything stated.
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