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I definitely would NOT recommend Calvin Barry as a choice for any legal services. He's out for your money and he'll say otherwise. DON'T believe in him. At first, the consultations are with him. Later he just ends up handing it off to someone else within his firm, even though you pay for his representation. When the big day came, I had someone from his firm represent me with NO MATERIALS to support my case. They knew my case had a little to NO chance right from the start. This was something they could of but didn't mention when they received my disclosure/evidence. They didn't put up a real proper fight for my case knowing and even emphasizing the IMPORTANCE of my case. He just talks fancy. Unfortunately I didn't listen to what I was told about him and to NOT let him represent me. This whole process only costed me. Wasting a ton of money, time & effort. Ultimately, I would have been better off just walking in myself and pleaing guilty. DON'T USE CALVIN BARRY. YOU'LL REGRET IT.
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