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Not happy with service. They sent two men over to change 5 existing outlet to new ones , just wanted black instead of white and took them 2 and one half hours. They were talking more then working. They billed me labor of 383 dollars that for 2 1/2 hours for two men, in labor plus taxes so over 400 dollars to change five outlet in my kitchen. The other 1 1/2 hr was spent installing to light fixtures. labor 225 dollars This is labor only not including material. NOT HAPPY . I feel l been scammed. DOES IT REALLY THAT TWO MEN 2 1/2 HRS FOR TWO MEN TO TAKE OUT WHITE OUTLET AND PUT IN DIFFERENT COLOR. That is the slowest workers l have ever seen. I was watching to clock to time them, l could not believe it.
8/20/2018 11:05:02 PM Report