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Catherine Graham
Customer service here is BEYOND deplorable. Their website stated they were open from 10-2PM Dec 31st & I arrived at 1PM to buy a few bags of feed. I was greeting by 2 of the most RUDE people I have ever encountered in my life who told me to "Get Out" as they were closed and doing inventory. I explained their website clearly stated they were open from 10-2PM and was then told "I guess I need to change that on the website". Excuse me??? Nope, they were not going to sell me anything... just, Get - OUT. They did change the website to reflect they were closed that day AFTER I left but not before I took a screenshot of their posted hours (available on google reviews). This was by far the WORST experience I have ever had with a business in all my lifetime aside from the fact I had to drive outside of the city to get there. Absolute Horrific customer service.
1/2/2019 9:35:16 PM Report