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How this company is still in business is beyond me there operations and supply manager Jordan is an ex graphic designer who has no knowledge of the medical field and is to focused on his side party buisness to pay attention to his job with this company. There account and HR manager Hailey is a wannabe model and is constantly messing up payroll aswell as other forms and when you advise her of her mistakes watch out for the attitude your about to receive. The owner Steve will never return your calls or emails in regards to items promised in your contract, for example the pay you where promised or the raise that was also promised. They do not pay travel time dispite the contract stating they do, they only pay minimum wage and $30.00 a day sub but only of you ask to receive sub. Having seen the bill they provide to the oil companies I know for fact that they charge $65.00 sub per day $420.00 for a medic plus on switch out days they charge for 2 medics at $420.00 but only pay you for 6 hours even if they are late picking you up. They charge $75.00 for a cell phone that never works, they charge for every stat but you will never see that pay and they charge a $75.00 administrative fee. They make more then enough money to justify paying there staff more then the $210.00 per day that they do. The trucks are never stocked with supplies and most of the time you jump bag will be empty and your AED battery will be dead and the pads expired, when you inform Jordan the manager of this he will show no ergency in getting the supplies to you and due to his lack of knowledge most of the time the supplies will be wroung and he will try and cover his mistake up by lying. You will never know your schedule and they will forget about you on site and have even lost track of there medics at time, my advice is to stear clear of this shady company and look elsewhere for work.
2/18/2019 6:16:43 PM Report