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We are an international provider for the Apple stores all around the world and I called to see if they would do some carpet service in one of the Apple stores we have a project for in Pembroke ON. The lady who answered the phone at carpet barn, after I started talking rudely said right away,"WE ARE NOT INTERESTED" and hung up the phone on me.She was Very rude and unprofessional and this is deff a bad look for this companies business.The Carpet Barn could of had some very good Apple carpeting jobs brought to their business.The lady who answered the phone was very Rude and she did not even give me the chance to explain the reason for my call. The only reason even called this business was because someone in the Pembroke area had recommended this place to me for services.I would NOT recommend this company for business to anyone.They are very unprofessional, very quick to judge the nature of the call without hearing the reason for the call and automatically turned down a good business/money opportunity for themselves.I give them Zero Stars!
4/2/2015 8:14:31 PM Report