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I grew up living by the pond, it was so nice and there were turtles and wildlife. Then a nutcase and his even nuttier wife moved in. Fact: His name is Roger Wigglesworth and he was a RCMP officer until he assulted a detained man and threw him against a wall and choked and hit him. Google it. They began shooting the geese and ducks because they were in the field. He slowly started poisoning the pond. People have seen him spraying and pouring chemicals into the water. A few years later there are literally NO turtles left in the pond. I’m assuming there are hundreds of dead turtles at the bottom. Don’t go down to the pond because the wife will stomp towards you demanding you leave and scream obscenities at you. If you have your kids with you she doesn’t care! She will yell you sleep with 49 million men in front of them, even though you have been with the same man for years. Don’t walk down the street either, they fling their dog shit onto the road and do t care if someone’s walking at the time. They have flung it at people. They are both batshit crazy.
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