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TOTAL RIP OFF. NEVER BUY FROM THEM. Bought a parrot for over 200 dollar which supposed to be friendly and healthy. Figured out that the bird have diarrhea and bite. It bit my daughter "chewed her hand like a monster". Second day I went to the store. The sales man suggested to buy a 25 dollar bag of food, clay , light, calcium, vitamin and mineral. And explained the diarrhea was from stress. The bird is still unfriendly and attacking us and sick. I went back to the store to exchange it or return it or sell it to them, Then what I got was."once we sell the pet we never take it back" This store is a total rip off. Birds are sick. No warranty, the only thing they are professional with is lying and cheating. This man always have the fake answer for any of your concerns regarding his poor pets.
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