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Adrienne Norris
Every time I go on a horse trail ride, one horse follows the one in front, and you really don't do anything but sit! Not with these guys! Best horse ride in pristine mountains we'd ever experienced!!! They asked us about our horsemanship background and matched my husband, the girls , and I up with the perfect horses. Then they taught us how to ride up hills and down, and some basic riding skills. I thought that was odd at first, but we really used that lesson!! We went through bush, streams, up and down steep inclines! FABULOUS! Actually got to go horseback riding! Then we stopped for a light snack at the lodge, and made our way back. A cool back road trip to get there (an adventure on it's own!) Well worth the time and money! Going to do it again this year!
5/31/2013 7:29:44 PM Report