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Yossi, The Criminal Lawyer, is dedicated to Criminal Defence Law. Yossi always fights for his clients and gets them results.

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I give this exceptional criminal lawyer a 5-star rating because he fully deserves it. I did nothing wrong but was charged with a complicated Fraud charge only because on paper it "looked" bad. He was able to show that I did nothing wrong much less anything criminal. The charges were dismissed.
4/7/2017 4:11:19 AM Report

When I needed a criminal lawyer, I used Mr. Yossi Schochet. I called him the day after I was charged and was lucky that he agreed to meet with me right away. I noticed right away that he answered his phone himself which means I was able to talk directly to him. There are secretaries and reception at his office but as a client I was able to call his cell phone directly at any time. Yossi took my case. His fees were comparable to other lawyers but the services he provided were phenomenal. He cared about me and was full of compassion.
3/31/2017 6:33:51 AM Report

Like a magician, he made my DUI and drug charges disappear. I hope I never need his services again but if I need again a criminal lawyer, I would use him. He delivered everything he said he would. His fee was worth every penny charged. Kumar from Newmarket
3/24/2017 5:39:34 AM Report

Here is why I like this lawyer and give him a 5-star rating: he is excellent. I used him, we came to court and won. Simple as that. Oh, he also cares, and is dedicated and all that. But at the end of the day, you want someone who wins and he does.
3/16/2017 11:21:06 AM Report

Finally a lawyer I can trust. Picked him after googling his name on line for reviews and comments from former clients. It was a great choice. This guy is a winner. He knocked my charges out of the ball park. I would suggest him for my friends and family. Adam
3/10/2017 6:27:37 AM Report

I was lucky to have found this lawyer. He helped me out of my problem. Yossi is very smart and pleasant to deal with. He cares and does a very good job. I was dealing with a problem with the Securities Commission of Ontario and the Competition Act. Yossi understood what needed to be done and came up with a brilliant plan. His plan worked exactly as he said it would and everything turned out okay. This man is a genius. His rates were very fair and he treated me as if I was his only client. I cannot stop singing his praises. I rate him above any other lawyer in the country.
3/3/2017 6:27:04 AM Report

Yossi is a very soft spoken, patient and kind man who really takes care of his client.I used him to help with my young son who was facing charges for the first time and they were quite serious given the actual "crime " . He put us at ease and let us know in easy to understand terms not "legaleeze" what he was doing and what he was hoping the outcome would be. He knows how to navigate the legal/court system and get the results that are fair. We are thankful for his help.
2/26/2017 3:56:43 PM Report

No joke, this guy does what he says. Trusting your lawyer is never easy but Yossi is the real deal. When charged, with priors, I was sure I was going to have to either deal or go to trial. 3 months later..... Charges withdrawn. Mr. Schochet was always available when I had questions or concerns even when he was out of town. Having been through the "system"
2/19/2017 5:04:18 AM Report

I was facing over 15 charges in three different jurisdictions and looking at prison upon conviction. Being the first time I had been charged with a major crime I really had no idea where to go. Luckily I found Yossi through an internet search and he advised me to stick with him to deal with all cases, and it's a good thing I listened. He told me his game plan, kept me informed the whole time and more than exceeded my expectations. The charges unbelievably disappeared! To top it off I paid well below his original quote an under budget. Thank You Yossi, I am forever grateful.
2/10/2017 1:57:34 AM Report

I spent a lot of time running around to find a criminal lawyer. I met with lawyers who were full of it. One lawyer told me on the phone that he can beat my charges at trial - & the fool didn't even see the evidence against me. As a person in sales, I can pick up a "sales job" and bull. When I called Yossi, he was totally honest with me & explained that he can't know if he can win my case until after he reviews the evidence. He was patient & answered my questions. He explained why I must get a lawyer as soon as possible & he gave me an appointment for the next day - even though he was busy. I met with him, was impressed & was able to see how honest he was. I was impressed that he knew so much about my case without me telling him about it - simply from doing so many similar cases. I hired him & he did his magic. He came to court, got my "disclosure" & dedicated nearly 40 hours to analyse the evidence. The charges of Impaired Operation & Over 80 were DISMISSED. Thanks
2/5/2017 3:55:40 AM Report

Yossi Schochet did a fantastic job for me. It was a pleasure dealing with him. He is an excellent lawyer who cares about his clients and protects them. Throughout the process I was dealing directly and exclusively with him - not secretaries, assistants, junior lawyers or students. I had full confidence in him and felt a personal connection with him. To top it off, he was even compassionate with his fees allowing me to make affordable payments. I give him the highest ratings possible.
1/27/2017 9:46:18 AM Report

Truly a very good guy. He keeps his promises, stays on track and knows exactly what he's doing. I had my career on the line with my case and Yossi got me through it with the best results we could get. I just had to fully trust and believe in him and I did. He is hands down the best lawyer I know. I would recommend him before anyone else. He's also always there when you need him. Night or day if you needed to speak with him he would make time to talk to you and I think that was one of the best things I really liked about him, so I didn't have to worry about anything.
1/19/2017 1:13:36 PM Report

We were referred to Mr. Schochet by a friend of ours to handle my teenage son's charge of drug dealing to an undercover cop. Mr. Schochet was very professional in our relationship, detailed in the steps of the process, and compassionate in respecting our family struggling with our circumstance. He kept us informed in a timely manner as to the requirements in every step of the process.We are pleased to report by following his advice and direction, my son received a most favorable sentence. After doing a bit of community service hours, the charges were dismissed. We were very pleased with Mr. Schochet's representation of our son and would strongly recommend him for anyone in a similar circumstance.
1/14/2017 10:03:06 AM Report

My family and I are exceptionally thankful for the outcome of my case handled by this lawyer. Unfortunately, we sometimes make mistakes in our lives that require representation. This lawyer provided me with information and guided me to have the best outcome possible with my case. I also appreciated the fact that this lawyer of god fearing and believes in God's grace and forgiveness. I strongly recommend him to anyone who wants the best representation available. He really made a difference in my life.
1/4/2017 6:51:08 AM Report

This is the second time that I have used Yossi for a domestic violence case. The first time was when I was charged with Threatening Bodily Harm against my girl friend in 2015 which Yossi got rid of. Now in 2016 my girl friend said I gave her a black eye and chipped her tooth. Yossi got her dental records which showed that the tooth was already chipped from before and proved what a liar she is. All I can say is that he is the BEST!!!
12/29/2016 2:24:15 AM Report

I can only give the absolute highest possible rating regarding my experience with Yossi Schochet. I was facing some rather serious charges of assault with a weapon and theft. He took ownership of the situation and provided a plan. His knowledge with the local courts proved to be priceless for my benefit. He made sure my case went in front of a good judge. The end result was the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. I will certainly refer any friend or acquaintance to his office as this is the Lawyer anyone would want to have to defend them in court.
12/21/2016 5:17:25 AM Report

I hired mr yossi schochet after reading all of his reviews and recommendations given to me by others that had used him. I needed help with a very serious criminal charge and wasn't sure if he would be available for me. Fortunately, he took on my case case, and I'm sure glad he did. He went out of the way to fight my case, and made sure that everything turned out ok. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Schochet to anyone who is looking for a sharp skilled lawyer with the compassion of a friend. Thank you for everything.
12/12/2016 6:24:59 AM Report

Yossi Schochet helped me get out of a terrible situation. My brush with the law and justice system stemmed from being stopped by a police officer for "unusual" driving and then told to blow into a "screening" machine to check if I am a DUI driver. I was arrested, they impounded my car and suspended my driver's license for 90 days. I hired Yossi after googling his name and being impressed with what former clients had to say about him. Yossi saved me from a horrible fate and he did it quickly and efficiently. I am returning the favour for anyone else who might need a criminal lawyer.
12/5/2016 7:16:19 AM Report

I was arrested for shoplifting for $7 @ Dollarama. I was in a panic. Single mother with two children I needed legal counsel - I would lose my job because of this criminal charge. I contacted Yossi & he returned my call same day & agreed to meet with me first thing Sunday morning. Not too many lawyers will meet with clients on a Sunday. Yossi was sympathetic to my situation & understood my state of mind at the time. He was very confident that he could make this “mistake” go away. I liked the way he took charge of the situation and told me it was now his problem.I never had to take time off work to attend court which was a blessing because it would have been very difficult to explain to my boss why I needed time off work. Yossi always returned my calls and was readily available when I needed him. Yossi knew the importance of my full time job and being the single source of income for my children.He came through for me with no criminal record and now I can continue my life as if this terrible mistake never happened. I would highly recommend him.
11/28/2016 6:53:37 AM Report

If you're "WONDERING" if you should hire MR. YOSSI SCHOCHET - DON'T WONDER! JUST DO IT! We all have regrets in life; don't hire someone else and have ANOTHER regret! Yossi's the GENIUS of CRIMINAL LAW! From his Superb & Brilliant level of Court Room Arrogance - to his Heart-felt Compassion & 'One-on-One' Client Dedication, this man has an Amazing & Professional Balance that WILL Exceed your Every Expectation! How many things in life are a SURE THING? - Not very many! However, one SURE THING is - you DO NOT want to step into a court room WITHOUT this guy!! I Highly Respect & Recommend Him! He's earned it all the way - Repeatedly! Words can only say so much - CALL HIM! See for yourself! He doesn't just "Get the job done" - He "Gets The Job Done - RIGHT!" I can't believe I just randomly found HIS website during a desperate search one night. HOW LUCKY FOR ME! Working with him has truly been an honour and a life changing experience I'll never forget. Mel of Brampton
11/15/2016 5:40:26 AM Report

It is true 100% that Yossi Schochet is the one you want to be your criminal lawyer. I used him for my DUI charges and Yossi was great. My friend used him on a assault charges against a family member and Yossi was amazing. I recommended Yossi for someone who had a Provincial charge for Consumer Protection and Business Act and Yossi was fantastic. Yossi did not disappoint any of them and always delivered.
8/12/2016 6:17:55 AM Report

Used this lawyer for DUI impaired over 80 criminal charges. It was a complicated case because the police searched the car and also charged me with Drugs. He was fantastic! He guided me from when I first called him all the way till the case was finished. If I ever need a criminal lawyer, I would certainly use him again. I have seen the other comments from his clients and can assure everyone that they are accurate. He really is a fantastic criminal lawyer and gets the job done right at a very fair price! He give my case his full attention, he did not cut any corners or any shortcuts. His retainer agreement sets out all his fees and there are no "extra" fees or hidden costs. He is honest, personable, easy to communicate with and know the legal system. Definitely a "Top Rated" lawyer!
7/20/2016 3:54:14 AM Report

He really is a very skilled professional. I used him in my criminal case and he was amazing. He is an excellent choice if you need a criminal lawyer.
6/4/2015 2:34:38 PM Report

Thank you Yossi Schochet for taking my case and winning it.
12/17/2014 4:06:22 AM Report

I love this criminal lawyer. He did a magical job on my case. Thumbs up to him.
5/26/2014 5:23:51 AM Report

Don't know how he did it but he came thru for me. I am forever grateful to Yossi Schochet.
5/6/2013 5:03:35 PM Report

If you want a good lawyer - use Yossi Schochet. He is an excellent criminal lawyer. I used him and was very pleased. It was the best thing I ever did! We all make mistakes, now is the time to do something right. This lawyer will set things right for you.
4/7/2013 3:45:52 AM Report

Awesome lawyer! He did a great job on my case. If you want a great lawyer, you should use him.
10/25/2012 10:22:59 PM Report

Everyone reading this needs to know about this criminal lawyer. He is unbelievably amazing, compassionate, talented, brilliant and a "closer" (means he finishes the job and leaves no loose ends). I was so impressed with him and my respect for him grew as I watched him deal with my case in court.
9/12/2012 2:06:04 PM Report

This lawyer is the best. It doesn't get any better than the best. I know because I had a DUI charge and used him.
9/10/2012 2:04:34 AM Report

My name is Allen and I was very pleased with the services provided by Yossi Schochet. He is an exceptionally great criminal lawyer and a wonderful human being. I completely recommend him.
9/3/2012 1:40:42 AM Report

I was very pleased with the legal services provided by Yossi Schochet when dealing with my criminal charges. Engaging his services was a positive experience.
8/23/2012 2:32:30 PM Report

Best criminal lawyer in Canada. Did a fantastic job for me. He is brilliant and really cares. Price is comparable to everyone else but service is beyong what anyone else offers.
6/18/2012 3:39:22 AM Report