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Xpanda Security is a leader in the manufacture, supply, and installation of security gates and related products across North America.
Criminals want an easy crime. They want to be able to break into a property, take what they’re looking for and quickly exit without being observed. They don’t want the break-in to take a long time and they definitely don’t want to get caught. When you have retail store security gates you make the outcome less likely and, in doing so, you drastically reduce crime.
Retail store security gates make it much more difficult to break into a property. One of the most common types of retail break-ins is the “smash and grab” break-in. In these robberies, criminals break down doors or smash windows in order to gain access to a property. They very quickly take what they’re looking for and then make an exit before anyone notices them. These type of robberies are effective because, even if you have an alarm system installed on your property, it typically takes some time for security guards, the police or other authorities to arrive. By the time they get there, the criminals are typically gone.
When you install Xpanda retail security gates, you make smash and grab robberies significantly more difficult to carry out. A criminal will have to spend a lot more time and effort (and risk getting caught) if he or she hopes to break into your property. In most cases, a break-in won’t be possible.Our retractable retail Store Security Gates are a crime deterrent. Criminals know how strong retail store security gates are. Many of them simply won’t even consider your property a target, and will simply move on to the next target. So if you are using our unique tubular steel retractable retail store security gates, It greatly decrease the chance of a break-in.
Retail store security gates are an effective and affordable way to protect your property. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, and colors so that they can be used on just about any store front. Our unique fold away retractable security gates are used for drug store security, liquor store security, shopping mall security, sporting arena security, airport security, gun store security, cellular & mobile store security as well as furniture store security.
When you install Xpanda retail stores security gates, you are showing criminals that you are serious about protecting your property. You are telling them that they would be better off avoiding your location. You are dissuading them from considering your location as a target. That is the power of our tubular retail store security gates.Our mission is simple: to give you the very best protection for your retail storefront, warehouse, industrial plant, or institution. That means we don’t just send you products that work, but deliver them quickly, make them easy to use, and back them up with a two year warranty.

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Manufacture, supply, consultation, and installation of security gates and related products
Security gates, Roll down shutters, Folding aluminum curtains, and Xpanda parts


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