Wild Wing South Barrie

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237 Mapleview Drive East
ON L4N 0W5
Phone number:
(705) 722-6090

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Chicken wings are the main event at Wild Wing South Barrie.101 signature wings will toss you into a new flavour saddle every week.


If I am forced to give a rating of 1, then do not assume that is how I feel about this place, it sure deserves less than that after the astonishingly HORRIBLE Customer service I just had. My husband ordered wings, they screwed up his order, barely even apologized, and then offered nothing. They expected that I was going to drive all the way back for them to put some sauce on them and really get nothing for the screw up, which would have been a huge waste of gas for us. All my husband really wanted was even 5 extra wings and things would have been better. The one waitress, Courtney, told us eventually after arguing for almost 10 minutes that she would take my information and give us a free pound of wings, but would not give me the number for the main office so I could call and complain. I am assuming that it was then the manager of the night that came on after that, revoked the free wings from us, told me that there were other people calling through and I had to get off the phone. So now we are left with crappy, unsatisfactory wings, a rude phone call with the staff that couldn't have cared one bit, and one extremely unhappy customer! And while the one girl spoke with my husband, she pretty much made it seem like we were lying about the wing sauce. Pretty sure we know what Spicy Gar Par is supposed to look like. Unless something gets done about this I will NEVER eat at wild wing again. I can't believe how rediculous this location is. I would also like to put in here, eventually i was told i could have 50% off of 2 pounds of wings, apparently, even when they screw up, they are never at fault. When i called to redeem this 50% off, they told me the owner didn't feel they were at fault, and just took it away. No notification, nothing. Apparently they don't believe the customer is right, the staff is SO rude, and we were left with nothing to make up for the screwed up wings.
2/2/2015 10:56:50 PM Report