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Company description

Business Description

Wilcox High Velocity Ltd. is an Edmonton based organization that specializes in Precision Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, Machining, Thermal Spraying, Protective Coating, and Shot Peening. With a variety of servicing, manufacturing, and repair options, we are confident that we can offer you the service that you require. We have serviced companies from a variety of industrial sectors, including Agriculture, Drilling, Forestry, Mining, and Petroleum.

We are equipped to fully service your contract manufacturing needs. With a variety of machining capabilities, Wilcox High Velocity can fulfill a variety of production projects. Between Precision and Cylindrical Grinding, all of your polishing, welding, and finishing needs will be met to your exact specifications. We specialize in Mining and Drilling Products, Motor Mandrels or Shafts (CNC), Frack Pump Plungers, Blow Out Preventer (BOP) parts, Mechanical Seal Sleeves, and Pump Seals. Our Shot-peening process includes numerous sizes of Glass and Spherical Cast Steel Shot beads, and is effective on all forms of substrates, both in-house and on-site. Finally, protect your equipment investments from erosion and corrosion with Thermal Spraying and Protective Coating. We use a combination of Tafa and Sulzer Metco coating systems, such as:

- Carbides
- Chrome Carbides
- Stainless Steel
- Spray & Fise Colmonoy Carbide
- Brass
- Aluminum
- Hastelloy
- Super Alloys
- Ceramics

Our Current capacities are as follows:
(CNC & Manual) Machining
HAAS ST40L CNC Lathe - 25" Swing (9.250" Steady rest) 80" between centers
50” (70” x 21” in gap) x 180” Lathe
25” x 120” Lathe
28” x 120" Lathe
22" x 60" CNC Lathe

HAAS TM3P CNC Mill c/w 4th Axis - Table 57"x14" - X (40") Y (20") Z (16")
Radial drill 12”
Radial drill 8"

Grinding Honing
17”x 72” O.D Cylindrical
14” x 48” O.D Cylindrical / I.D attachment
40" x 120" O.D (capacities < 19' lengths)
2 - 25” x 110” O.D (capacities < 19’ lengths)
34” x 110” O.D (capacities < 14’ lengths)
22” x 120” O.D Cylindrical
24” x 120” O.D Cylindrical
50" x 40" stroke I.D
32” x 40” stroke I.D
24” x 15” stroke I.D
15" x 15" stroke I.D
18” x 80” Surface (c/w angular adjustment)
30" x 18" dia bore Hone

Thermal Spray
30" x 80" Lathe
24” x 120”
20” x 120”
42” (56” x 16” gap) x 205”
36” Turntable (500 lbs capacity)

More details

Protective Coatings At Wilcox High Velocity Ltd. we are proud to offer our expert services in Protective Finishing and Coating. Edmonton and surrounding areas have some of the most drastic weather conditions in North America. Ensure your equipment and piping investments are properly protected against unnecessary oxidation and weathering. Our team of coating experts are trained and equipped to treat the following materials and products: - Tungsten Carbides - Chromium Carbides - Stainless Steel - Spray & Fuse Colmonoy Carbide - Brass - Aluminum - Hastelloy - Zinc - Babbit - Super Alloys - Ceramic Our cost effective Protective Coating solutions will help preserve your investments, and reduce the amount of corrosion, erosion, and general wear on your piping and equipment. The coating materials used to protect your equipment are of the highest standard, and will ensure a tight and long lasting seal. Precision Grinding and Machining Our Precision Grinding and Machining experts will complete your project on time, and within your given parameters. We know the importance of accuracy, and will ensure that your parts will be created to your exact specifications. Whatever your grinding needs, we have the tools and expertise to get it done properly. Some of the grinding services we offer are: - Cylindrical Grinding : Perfect for products with highly restrictive or precise diameters. Cylindrical grinding is ideal for tight tolerance and/or fine finish projects. - Surface Grinding : Useful for flat objects. Surface grinding can reduce your materials to a critical size, or simply provide a smooth finish. - Jig Grinding : Ideal for grinding complex shapes or holes with exact precision. Jig Grinding ensures a high degree of accuracy, and provides a smooth finish upon completion. Our Machinists are experts in precision and cylindrical grinding. Whether your project requires a smooth, flat top, or a smooth rounded surface, our experts have the tools and qualifications to meet the needs of your project. We don't take heavy machining lightly. Shot Peening Wilcox High Velocity Ltd. is proud to offer Shot-Peening services. The shot peening process creates compressive stress and plastic deformities in your materials, which helps to protect against microcracks. Shot peening is a used in functional applications for gear parts, coil springs, connecting rods, turbine blades, gearwheels, etc. Shot peening also has cosmetic applications, and will produce more pronounced results than sandblasting, creating a more dramatic effect. At Wilcox High Velocity Ltd., we use air blast systems, with a variety of spherical cast steel shot and glass beads to create uniform and effective peening. Thermal Spray Thermal Spraying involves heating materials in order to spray onto solidified materials, creating a coating or seal. Thermal Spraying creates a thick and effective coating in less time than other coating methods. We can spray a wide variety of materials, including: - Aluminum - Babbit - Brass - Carbides - Ceramics - Soft alloys - Stellite - Stainless Steels Wilcox High Velocity Ltd. has the ability to use a variety of materials and techniques to fit the needs and specifications of your project. Some technique examples include: - Wire arc spraying - Flame spraying - High velocity oxy-fuel coating spraying (HVOF) Our certified technicians will ensure that your project is completed in a safe and timely matter, and to the needs of your specifications. While not all coating projects are suitable for Thermal Spraying, we will assess your project and offer alternative solutions for your needs.


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