Water Damage Restoration Windsor

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Water Damage Windsor
Water Damage Restoration Windsor – We are a professional brand known throughout Windsor Essex County
We strive to achieve excellent services when it comes to water damage prevention and water restoration in Windsor Ontario. The main aim of our company is to prevent the instances where water gets damaged and fungus starts spreading in the house. We also provide top-notch water restoration in Windsor Ontario which is why we aim to take our ventures to the next level.
Our services reduce your work by several layers. We provide you immediate solutions, and our punctuality will make the water damage or any other problem go away without you even having to call us twice.
Some of the qualities of our company include:
• Ambitious staff
• Ethics and commitment to customer’s satisfaction
• Punctual and hard working
• Well Planned and focused work
• Security, stability, and reliability
As a highly reputed upcoming water damage prevention company, we seek to impress our customers and improve our market throughout Canada.
Why we stand apart from the crowd?
We are not your usual water damage prevention team which you will find for water restoration in Windsor Ontario. We are much bigger than that. With us, the staff makes sure that the demands of our customers are satisfied and we do not give even a single reason for complaints. Some of the reasons which make us potentially one of the big name companies are:
• We never leave anything for the next time. The customer’s problems are fulfilled as soon as possible.
• Services are premium. We do not put any half-hearted efforts in water restoration.
• Our staff is handpicked and it goes through several tests which make sure they can serve their clients well.
• Our advanced technology and high-quality equipment make sure the customers have a sound sleep without any worries of water damage.
Water Damage and prevention
Water damage to dwelling interiors is a close second only to the fire damage when it comes to the loss costs. We care about our customers and their losses. It is our prime concern that our customers get proper prevention from water damage so that these losses do not occur. We analyze and size the disaster very well and our team of experts acts accordingly to help prevent the damage from escalating.
Water restoration in Windsor Ontario
It is one of the main motives of our company to give the best possible services for water restoration in Windsor Ontario. We strive to get the best possible results so that our customers are satisfied with our water restoration results. Water restoration is a tricky task as the solution can be as less as vacuuming up the water or as complicated as rebuilding entire sections of the house.
6 step process for Water Damage Control
Each water damage situation is very different from each other and it requires a unique solution. However, the general process basically remains the same. Here are the 6 steps using which we can learn more about the water damage:
Step 1 – Emergency Contact
Once you call our helpline number, the representative who receives your complain will guide through a series of questions which will help our company to respond to your situation more quickly and efficiently. This initial step is really important as it helps in understanding what the problem is. Once the problem is understood, a fast and effective restoration can be performed.
Step 2 – Inspection and Water Damage Assessment
Our staff will carefully inspect the property which has been affected by the water damage. Once we determine the area affected and the type of water damage, we can easily come up with an effective plan to conquer the problem.
Step 3 – Water Extraction / Water Removal
Our company uses only the advanced and high-quality products to combat water damage. Our powerful vacuums and pumps are capable of removing gallons and gallons of water easily. We like to start solving your problems and carry on with the water restoration as soon as we register the problem. This helps us minimize any further damage while also preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.
Step 4 – Drying and Dehumidification
Once all the water is removed, our special set of equipment will target the areas which are harder to access. The equipment will then use less intrusive and scientific methods for drying the areas where the water still remains. Moisture is then removed from such areas with the help of air movers and dehumidifiers.
Step 5 – Cleaning and Sanitizing
Of course, water damage will definitely affect your furniture, clothes, floor, and other belongings. Our staff will then take care of such products by cleaning them thoroughly using specialized cleaning techniques. These products are also sanitized with antimicrobial treatments and the odors are further removed using air scrubbers.
Step 6 – Restoration
The last step in this process is restoring the state of your home or office back to how it was before the water damage. This step can either be a mere replacement of some drywall panels or it can result in major reconstructions like rebuilding rooms from scratch.


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