Ward Funeral Home

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2035 Weston Road
ON M9N 1X7
Phone number:
(416) 241-4618

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Outrage over improper embalming at Ward Funeral Home Weston Road location extremely disturbing we very concerned for other families who have taken loved ones there for their final rites. Ward Funeral Home Weston Road, Toronto seemed to lack expertise in embalming.... The Funeral Director refused to use picture of the deceased therefore our loved one looked like someone you have never seen in your life...she was a beautiful woman who looked like a man after the embalming.... she had no neck and her body mass in the abdomen was shifted to one side of her body... the incision were jagged... no care was given to the preparation of the deceased . The funeral director was very cold and unsympathetic to the grieving family and it appeared his main mission i was to sell a casket and service.....He lead us to believe that we had no choice but sign on the spot and so we did without proper consultation and discussion amongst ourselves as a family.... it was a lot of pressure in such a vulnerable time ... we sat in a 3.5 hour meeting with nothing accomplished... he appeared to have had no interest in the family ... was never warm.... never smiled. I would not recommend.... take your business elsewhere to professional who care about the deceased and the grieving family..
7/30/2015 2:57:56 PM Report