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168 Windrose Court
Vaughan L4L 9S8
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Main Address :168 Windrose Ct, Woodbridge, ON, L4L 9S8

A house is a machine for living in, as ground breaking architect Le Corbusier once said, and here at Vaughan Heating and Cooling Pros we're not about to argue. In the climate of Ontario it's not enough to have four solid walls and a roof – you also have to be able to control the temperature of the environment within, and that means effective heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. We are the experts when it comes to HVAC. We know how to have your home precisely as warm or as chilled as you want it quite literally at the touch of a button. And we go beyond that to recommend what systems will do that for the least cost and with the maximum efficiency depending on the type of home you have and what your legacy systems are. We repair air conditioning that has decided to malfunction, we relight the flames for furnaces that need repair we bring water heaters back to life and we clean the ducts that connect everything up. We bring life to that machine so you can live in it at exactly the temperature you choose, and have hot water on tap the moment you need it. So whatever your heating or cooling needs, and whether it's air or water that you want to take control of, Vaughan Heating and Cooling Pros are the people to call near you to ensure that your house is a fit home for you and your family, spring, summer, fall, and winter.


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