University Tender Loving Daycare

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11224 76 Ave NW
Edmonton T6G 0K1
Phone number:
(780) 756-6850


7:00 - 17:35
7:00 - 17:30
7:00 - 17:30
7:00 - 17:30
7:00 - 17:30

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We are offering professional Daycare in downtown Edmonton. Our services include childcare, after school care, university daycare, meals, and free lunch. To avail today, visit our website.


Not recommended because this daycare management injured our 10 month old baby. It is difficult for us to stay silent and let someone else's child get injured by this management. We had to rush to the STLD daycare from work, call the ambulance to stop the bleeding and broken bones checkup at the Strollery hospital. Daycare did not provide any medical help because of which there was enough bleeding till we reached at the daycare. They say baby was left unattended outside when a heavy metal door smashed the baby hand, but the truth could be far more horrible than that. Baby has lifelong permanent damages which cannot be cured. We still don’t know why and how our baby was injured. When we reached to take baby to the hospital, daycare owner Saba was busy in completing documents to cover up her negligence. When we asked her why our baby was injured she came close to our face and started yelling at us and the baby. Now this daycare owner is knowingly spreading falsehoods that we wanted some discount on fee, which is absolutely a total lie. She is annoyed and venting out her frustration by threatening us to stop asking questions, she yelled at us. Saba Alam while yelling at us said: I can kick you out of this daycare in 2 days without any notice. She insulted our Ethnicity - She said: Nobody will listen to you Indians. She has been hiding the truth from everyone about Our child’s horrible accident. However, We believe No matter what, the truth always must be spoken out. We spent days at the hospital to get stitches to baby's hand and get medical treatment but this daycare owner kept charging our bank account for full daycare fee till almost 2 months even for the days when baby was in the hospital not in the daycare. This review might be blocked very soon by this daycare owner because she is suppressing our voice from the day of the accident and blocking our review. Her family / friends are blocking our review almost every week using anonymous email accounts and calling our review fake. We need community help to find how our baby was injured?
3/7/2020 5:26:22 AM Report