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Wont a Doula take my partner's role?
I am happy with any participation your partner has in your birth. Sometimes the time has come, you get to the hospital the partner's role can become daunting. If this happens I lead through example, for instance if I am doing something and your partner begins also participating in the same way I step back and do something else. That is one way I encourage your partner in an active role. Your partner can be involved at his comfort level. The pressure to be your 'one and only' support is relieved so that he can be a relaxed, calm partner who is with you emotionally and physically through labour & delivery.
During prenatal meetings we will talk about partner involvement, this provides an opportunity to talk about ways to support you. These will include fun activities that can be practiced to become more automatic when labour begins.

A Doula is like a midwife right?
No. A Doctor or Midwife cares for your medical needs. A Doula cares for your other needs which are non-medical and works alongside your partner. A Doula does not do any of the jobs that Nurses or Doctors do. A Doula is like bringing a friend along to your birth who knows how to help you feel more comfortable and at ease. This 'friend' has attended many births before and knows how everything works at the hospital, who can help your partner if he wishes. A 'friend' who has met all the labour & delivery staff. A 'friend' who does not share your private birth details with other people.

A Doula is only for people who don't want epidurals right? I've actually been at more births that have had the aid of an epidural or other pain relief. For more FAQ's visit my website!

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