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As a Surrey, BC mortgage broker, Jaret Forman works hard for you and is available to answer any mortgage questions you may have. He is always looking out for your best interests and trying to find ways to help. From families and the self-employed to retirees and those with unique mortgage needs, Jaret is happy to meet you at your house in Surrey and the Greater Vancouver Area to discuss your situation.

By working with a professional mortgage broker, you receive all the financial benefits without the stress of navigating everything yourself. He will guide you through the mortgage process, step-by-step, to ensure that you are comfortable and are informed about what is going on and what will be required next.

Every consultation is free. Hiring Jaret for your Surrey mortgage adds no cost to you. Having an experienced mortgage professional in your corner is extremely valuable, as he shops around for the best rate and terms for your Surrey mortgage.

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First Time Homebuyers
As a Surrey, British Columbia mortgage broker my job is to understand your needs and find the best rate and terms that I can. I will help you understand what documents are needed, where to get them, and make sure to provide you with any forms that are needed. Some lenders require an appraisal from approved company. I will not only confirm the appropriate company, I will order the appraisal for you whether you are in Surrey, Delta, Whiterock or the Greater Vancouver area.
Self Employed Mortgage
Not all mortgage lenders are going to favour each type of applicant. Some mortgage lenders consider self-employed people as a higher risk. Typically, there is more paperwork and a more thorough vetting process that needs to happen with a self-employed mortgage applicant. I will guide you through the process.
Renew or Refinance Mortgages
There is a big difference between a Refinance mortgage and a Renewal mortgage. Your lender will want you to renew without any questions asked, however, a better interest rate might be available to you. Never accept the lender’s first offer! · Renewal - You are just choosing a new term and interest rate but the amortization rate and loan amount are staying the same . · Refinance - The amortization schedule and/or loan amount is changed from the initial loan to to pay it off slower or faster. When choosing your renewing or refinancing mortgage options, it is important to consider how your default insurance might be changed. If there is a change in insurance status, it will also adjust your mortgage payment amount.
You have equity in your home because you have either paid off the mortgage or you are in the process of paying it off. Did you know we can help you apply for a home equity line of credit ? Home equity is when the difference between the amount you owe on the home and the assessed value. I can help guide you through the process of being approved for a HELOC on your home.


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