Unit EE13
17600 Yonge Street
ON L3Y 4Z1
Phone number:
(905) 895-0582

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SoftMoc has been retailing footwear for over 20 years with over 80 retail stores across Canada with an online retail store since 1996.


My email was ignored....thought I would share my experience with this company [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; Bcc: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; To SoftMoc Leadership Team, I feel compelled to share the collection of customer service failures which began with an attempt to simply exchange a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law and resulted in leaving me empty handed with an awkward personal predicament to look forward to. This occurred in your newly expanded Upper Canada Mall location. In short, I presented a gift receipt in order to exchange mocassins that were too big for me. Instead of performing an exchange or issuing a gift card as she indicated was the process required, the cashier accidentally refunded the amount to the original credit card - my sister-in-laws Visa card. "Ooops, I hit the wrong button. Nothing I can do" was her response. No offer to call a supervisor, no offer to void the transaction, absolutely no offer to help. Her priority was to get me out of the way so she could ring through the next customer. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor. After a while of me watching multiple other transactions go through, a supervisor did eventually come over only to quickly state there was nothing she could do. I could comment further on her continued rudeness and lack of professionalism, but I have since learned it was her last day and that should explain enough. The cashier was advised by XXXX, the other supervisor, to remove herself from the discussion because of how unprofessional she was acting. The two supervisors suggested I call the Customer Service Department on my cell phone because they said that "nothing could be done" to reverse the erroneous transaction on their end. They insisted that they had no authority at the store level to void transactions or cancel a credit card transaction. I've been a retail store manager for 10 years and I find this impossible to believe. I made the call and after explaining my experience to the CS Rep, I was placed on hold for 20 minutes. The only conclusion I can derive from this deliberate delay is they hoped that I would give up and end the call. Eventually Chris, the supervisor, came on the line and attempted to deal with the issue by offering a $25 Gift Card and 25% off. I explained to Chris that I came in with shoes that were given to me as a gift from my sister-in-law and the only acceptable resolution was to leave with shoes. He said that wouldn't be possible. This is unacceptable and I decided to speak with the other supervisor in the store. XXXX was very professional and was the only one to express a sincere apology and show understanding. She even called the store manger at home to ask if she could simply give us the shoes back and cancel the erroneous transaction. She was told she could in fact reverse or "stop" the refund to the Visa, and for a quick moment I was so relieved. HOWEVER, she also said that despite the refund being terminated, the product, my Christmas gift, would not be returned to me because that would throw off the store inventory, and somehow the company did not have the ability to reconcile that. This was forbidden. Inventory accuracy is obviously more important than customer satisfaction. Wow, what a great solution! Soft Moc can keep my sister-in-laws money and keep the shoes to sell again! At this point I knew that nobody involved to this point had customer service as a priority and so I asked Jasmine for the District Managers name. She gave us Clarissa's name upon my request, but the phone number provided was to the Customer Service Department. Upon calling the number this morning I quickly realized that it was the same customer service line that kept me on hold yesterday for 20 mins and that I could not reach the DM, Clarissa, though this method. I asked for contact information such as emails or phone numbers for anyone in upper management, specifically Operations, to no avail. I was told that "we are a small company" and they didn't have access to direct phone numbers or emails, or even the names of people in upper management. In short, when I review my customer experience with Soft Moc I am still utterly baffled. I went into the store yesterday with a simple request to exchange product that didn't fit my feet. I had everything that I needed as per Soft Moc exchange policy. With a gift receipt in hand and the right product for my needs I approached what I thought would be a straightforward and simple interaction. Somehow, over an hour later and after a myriad of employee errors and operations failures I left empty handed. Actually, I had one thing to look forward to, an awkward and incredibly embarrassing conversation with my sister-in-law to attempt to explain how her generous Christmas gift was thrown in her face. I should mention now that I have an email in my inbox from my sister-in-law asking why I didn't just tell her if I didn't like the gift she gave me. I haven't replied yet as I am still fuming and trying to make sense of what happened myself. Enough said I hope. I eagerly await your response to the lack of concern expressed by nearly all Soft Moc representatives and the inability of the company to rectify an error with inexcusable outcomes. Update a week later = completely ignored , but the sister-in-law was understanding since she has had issues with SoftMoc in the past
1/9/2016 4:26:37 PM Report