Security Supply Store

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1080 Tapscott Rd
Unit 2
ON M1X 1E7
Phone number:
(888) 552-7580

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Company description

Canada's Premier Security and Law Enforcement Supply Store. Handcuffs, Batons, Uniforms, Jackets, Bulletproof Vests and Other Accessories.


Their customer service is fantastic and I love how they take the input from their direct customers and use it for product development! A fantastic establishment and I will constantly be a customer!
11/22/2014 4:00:41 PM Report

I placed an order online with the Security Supply Store about a month and a half ago. I ordered 2 hats and 2 handcuff keys with delivery expected within 2 weeks of placing my order. Nearly a month later, and having not yet received my order (no email confirmation either), I called the company to ask about the status of my order. At this time, my credit card had already been charged the full amount of my order. The woman I spoke with told me that all of the products I had ordered were on back-order and that someone should have called me to tell me that.....but no one ever did. She then told me that the products should be arriving within the same week that I had called and that the items would be expedited so that I would receive them the following week. I asked her to send me an email with my order confirmation and for someone to call me once my items were shipped so that I would know that progress was being made. I waited 2 weeks and had still not received my items so I called the store...again...and spoke to the same lady who advised me that her supplier was out of stock and did not know when the items would be available. No one from Security Supply Store had ever contacted me, or even attempted to contact me at any stage to let me know that they did not have any of these items in stock, nor did they know when they would be getting them. I was lied to by this company, and had to chase after them for simple order details that they should have provided me with right from the start. They made no effort to advise me that they were out of stock and that they did not know when the products would be arriving. I will never order from them again, and I highly recommend that others do no not, either. I asked the woman to cancel my order and refund my credit card for the full amount of the order. She eventually did, but not without first mentioning to me that they normally do not refund orders. That's pathetic. If you don't have something in stock, and if you do not let your customer know this right from the start, you should not be selling such items wtithout first making it very clear to the customer that you are out of stock, and that your supplier is also out of stock, and that a lengthy delay in receiving such items may take place. Furthermore, you should, at a minimum, send your customers an order confirmation after having placed an order and maintain contact with your customer when there is an interuption in service. The fact that I, as a customer, had to chase down the company to find out why I had not received my order, is pathetic and speaks volumes to the terrible customer service that this company demonstrated. Steer clear of this business, and do your online shopping elsewhere.
11/15/2014 10:00:31 PM Report